Our idea of ​​cuisine is Mediterranean

The idea of a Mediterranean cuisine.

At the centre of it all,

for us, there are the Guest and the Love for authentic flavours, because this is what we like and what we do best.

We are also convinced that being at the table is a pleasure and that some dishes can be transformed into a real experience of flavour.

In this, we are particularly lucky: our land of Romagna, precisely because mixed with seawater, sun, sand and wind, gives us extraordinary raw materials, which our brigade is committed to enhancing in full respect of their identity.

Our cuisine is concrete.

The starting point is the research that we apply even to the simplest ingredients of daily use. From the choice of flours, to fish caught, to Km0 seafood, from organic fruit and vegetables from local markets.

All these elements, in fact, have 3 characteristics in common:

  • They are rich in flavour because the modern cooking techniques and low temperature and vacuum-packed respect the raw material while maintaining the nutritional properties intact.
  • They are healthy because we only use fresh and seasonal products.
  • They are sustainable, as the short supply chain avoids transport and supports local companies.

The seafood cuisine, which certainly distinguishes us, is flanked by essential dishes of the land that tell the peasant origins of our territory.

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