Eco-friendly hotel, Kiss Loves the Sea

The holiday becomes sustainable

Do you know what is really important to us?

Contribute to the reduction of pollution of the seas, leaving

Unchanged the values of quality and efficiency, which distinguish us.

A sincere sense of Responsibility made us take the path that was 

closest to our way of "feeling the sea”.

Thus, in 2019 the "KissLovesTheSea" Program was born, organized into many large and small objectives for each sector of our business. Achieving these goals helps us today to become a green hotel in all respects.

Great News for 2023: a photovoltaic system is installed on the roof: it'll produce 21,300 KWH per year, equal to a lower emission of 10,000 kg of CO2.

Our goals towards a sustainable hotel

Available to all:

  • Electricity and Gas from 100% renewable sources (2020)
  • Separate collection for glass 90%, paper 70% and plastic 85% (2020)
  • Steel water bottles for our guests to combat disposable (2021)
  • Free and unlimited water refill throughout your stay (2021)

At the restaurant and bar:

  • Seasonal and local raw materials, with an eye towards KM0: we have ALWAYS supported breeders, farmers and fishermen of local short supply chains. (1996).
  • We serve microfiltered water directly from the water supply: this allows us to avoid transport by road (2010).
  • We have replaced plastic cups and straws with biodegradable alternatives (2019). 

In your room:

  • Green courtesy line, entirely biodegradable with soy ink printing.
  • The body care line is based on Argan oil, and the container is made of compostable Ecopure material (2020).
  • Special filters for water saving have been applied in the showers and taps (2003).
  • Low-emissivity triple-glazed windows in 50% of the rooms (2020)
  • A ++ air conditioning system in 100% of the rooms (2021)
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