The Cervia mussel is km 0

The Mussel of Cervia is bred in the shallow depths of the Adriatic Sea in class A marine waters about 3 miles from the coast (just under 6km). 

It is therefore an organic and 0 km “cultivation".

In jargon, in fact, mussels are "planted" and their life cycle lasts about 9 months before finding them on the tables of the best restaurants in our town. The selection is done manually, while they are still on board.

The particular seabed and the type of farming in the open sea make this delicious seafood unique both for its size and consistency and for its intense flavour.

At Kiss Hotel *** S and Ristorante, we only buy Cervia mussels every day from the “La Fenice” Cooperative, thus supporting local supply chains.

Did you know that in Cervia there is even a Mussel Festival that lasts 3 days?

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