Why are flamingos pink?

Everyone knows that a large community of flamingos lives in the Saline in Cervia, which until a few years ago used this area of the Parco del Delta del Po as a "temporary stop" during their migration, while now they have been settled for some years now.

But perhaps not everyone knows why they are "pink" and why it is so important to be!


It doesn't depend at all on genetics but on nutrition. In fact, the specimens in captivity soon become white if they are not fed with a particular ingredient.

In fact, with their characteristic hooked beak, they are predators of molluscs and crustaceans, in particular of the Artemia Salina, which is a small pink shrimp of which our feathered friends are particularly greedy and the carotenoids contained in it go to deposit on the feathers. The more colourful a flamingo is, the healthier it is.

But why is it so important to be pink? The more colourful a specimen is, the more desirable it will be as a partner.

When we talk about vanity…

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