Cervia Natural Park

When you think of Cervia, your mind immediately imagines the sandy beach, the golden sun and maybe a nice refreshing bath on a beach mat in the calm waters of the Adriatic.

The scent of the pine forest

Few people know of a true oasis enclosed within our pine forest since 1963, namely the Cervia Natural Park. Attention, I would like to clarify that this is not a "Cervia Zoo", but is to be understood as a protected natural area, the aim of which is to preserve the environment it hosts with its inhabitants. It is in fact called Cervia Nature Park.

Park guests

Cervia Natural Park has embraced the cause of the repopulation of native species, both regional and Italian.

It extends for 32 hectares of centuries-old pine forest and it is possible to closely observe typical animals of the area: chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, cattle, donkeys, deer, fallow deer, many of which you can touch with hand inside the fence of the Old Farm (Vecchia Fattoria).

Educational farm, in the Vecchia Fattoria

You can let your children touch and meet pets up close in a fenced area located beyond the canal.

With the assistance of experienced staff, children can interact and look after the farm animals in complete safety.

And fun is guaranteed, not only for the little ones, I guarantee it.

In fact, when you arrive at the educational area “La vecchia fattoria" you really come into contact with the animals.

For children it will be a unique experience hugging a goat, being able to give a carrot to a pony, stroking a donkey or chasing a bunny.

Advice for moms: For obvious reasons, I suggest closed shoes.

How and when to visit the park

The Park also offers many other opportunities: from the organic garden to horseback riding, to a rich program of events and guided tours from spring to autumn.

On the hottest summer days, crossing the Cervia animal park with its shady paths is really pleasant, and it is also possible to learn more about the various species of flora present in the park through the illustrated botanical paths.

Access is not allowed to dogs even with a leash and muzzle.

Written by Francesca

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