Cerviavventura adventures for children and adults

In Cervia an adventure park for adults and children

In the Natural Oasis of the Cervia Park, you can find many services dedicated to your family to be able to spend wonderful days in the midst of nature having fun with your children and at the same time creating real educational trips.

In addition to the educational farm, the botanical paths, the relaxation and refreshment points around the swan pond, there is also the path that leads to the Cervia adventure area.

With the assistance of expert instructors, you and your family can live the experience of actually climbing trees and walking suspended on trunks placed between one pine and other thanks to the Tibetan bridges.

You will feel like you are floating in the air: a unique sensation!

In a totally safe environment, equipped with harnesses and helmets.

the Cervia adventure park has as many as 9 divided air routes organized according to the degree of difficulty, height and age of the children.

Trails for children

Height between 1 and 1.20 m. It is possible to access to 3 children's trails with walkways, bridges, logs and zip wires.

  • farfalla (butterfly)
  • ape (bee)
  • maggiolino (beetle)

Height between 1.20 and 1.40 m. There are 2 routes, where you can experience the first thrills and the emotion of flying among the pines.

  • cinciarella (titmouse)
  • tarzanina


For all children and adults with a height greater than 1.40 m it is possible to test yourself and have fun with 3 routes:

    • scoiattolo(squirrel), long and challenging where to experience the skill
    • i pettirossi(robin), a path on two levels of heigh
    • aquila(eagle), highest of all, for true Tarzan!

To each his own path in the trees!

Suspended houses

You will find lots of tree houses, they are perfect for children of all ages to play.

Night excursion

You know that it is possible to organize night excursions! Do not miss the experience of flying among the pines as the sun goes down, this adventure will be made even more exciting by the sounds of the pine forest at night.

Activities by reservation - minimum of 15 people.
Minimum height - 140 cm.

Price € 18.00

Eating at the Milano Marittima adventure park

Inside the park, you will find a bar corner with drinks and ice creams.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a snack, lunch or a break, you can go to the "Binario 9 3/4" refreshment point, also inside the Natural Park, a few minutes walk from the adventure park.

Picnics are allowed on the lawn, bringing the basket from home.

The educational farm area also begins from the refreshment point, where you can continue the day among the animals and other experiences.

The park is also ideal for spending a whole day.

Cerviavventura prices:

  • Children (height <120cm, 2 hours e 30 min.):full € 10,00 – reduced* € 9,00

  • Teens (height <140cm, 2 hours e 30 min.):full € 15,00 – reduced* € 13,00

  • Adults (height >140cm 2 hours e 30 min.):full € 20,00 – reduced* € 16,00

  • Evening by reservation (min. 15 people): € 18,00

*With reduction ticket

The Kiss Hotel is a partner of Atlantide, the company that manages the Natural Park and CerviAvventura and provides its guests with all useful information and reduced tickets.

Let the adventure begin!

Written by Francesca

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