Going to the beach while pregnant, is a panacea for you and your baby

Babymoon in Cervia, on holiday by the sea with a baby bump.

Have you received the wonderful news that you are "pregnant"? Congratulations!

So, from now on the watchwords are 2: rest (not only) and healthy life.

The best condition for a pregnant woman is to live this special period in serenity and harmony to focus on the future condition of "Mom". 

And what is the environment most linked to relaxation if not the sea?

Going to the beach while pregnant is good for you and your baby

I bet that already, just hearing about it, you feel a light breeze on your face and the sound of the waves crashing on the surf…

Then the time has come to plan a few days while you are pregnant by the sea.

In fact, in the last few years, from the moment in which pregnancy is no longer seen as an illness, maternity holidays or, according to the trendiest name, "babymoon", are on the rise: also thanks to the idea of well-being associated with pregnant women and the sea.


The benefits are innumerable not only for You, the future mother, but also for your baby.

Since today, showing the uncovered baby bump is no longer a taboo, spending some time during pregnancy at the sea is a real panacea.



Sun is your precious friend: it not only puts you in a good mood but helps absorb vitamin D which strengthens your bones and promotes the development of the fetus.

May, June and September are the ideal months for the combination of "pregnancy and sea": in fact, the temperatures are milder, and the sun is not so direct, even in the hottest hours.


Furthermore, the sea is a natural anti-stress. It is said to be a free drug for at least 16 diseases:

  • improves breathing due to the high quantity of mineral salts,
  • improves muscle tone, and fights diseases such as depression!

In fact, the water calms us subconsciously and the blue colour is relaxing and gives immediate relief.


Although the watchword for a pregnant woman by the sea is "lazing", long walks with water up to the knee are certainly a boon for circulation and water retention.

Not to mention swimming: a nice swim in the sea allows the body to find refreshment, to move freely, lightly and also styles such as breaststroke or front-crawl strengthen the muscles.

Which is your favourite swimming stroke?


While you are immersed, the pressure of the sea waves will exert a natural massage and we know well, how good circulation is the best ally for pregnant women.


A beach holiday in summer allows you a healthy and varied diet.

First of all, the many qualities of seasonal fruit and vegetables fight the heat and support optimal hydration. Remember to stay HYDRATED!

But, even with the consumption of fish (cooked and not raw!), pregnant women will be able to enjoy a tasty, fat-free diet that also helps the baby's brain development.


Also, don't you think it's time for some good ice cream already? :P


If you have decided to give yourself a few days of relaxation alone by the sea during pregnancy, undoubtedly choose a trolley. If you are a couple, this detail will be negligible

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