Beach Nordic Walking

If you are still undecided about the sport to practice during the summer and would like to try your hand at a new discipline, we recommend Nordic Walking on the beach.


Nordic Walking is now among the most popular sporting activities of our time and is gaining great acclaim because of the countless benefits that can be obtained by practicing it.
We must not be fooled by the name that evokes "Scandinavian" atmospheres and low temperatures.
In fact, the ideal place to try this activity is a sandy beach with shallow waters, like those of Cervia.

Nordic Walking is a discipline that can be adopted by "walkers" of all ages and, by exercising with the correct practice, it is possible to involve over 90% of the body's muscles, making it a complete and trauma-free and low-impact sport for the spine vertebral.
For those wishing to intensify the activity, it is also possible to walk on the shore, further toning the legs and buttocks.
"Did you know? The size of the sticks varies according to the height of the athlete!"
The supply of more oxygen, through fluid and constant movements, delays the aging process and, practicing it on the seashore, the sodium present in nature will enrich your exercise in a unique way.
Nordic Walking is a natural anti-stress: by relieving muscle tension, especially at the cervical level, it regulates the heart beat and, if you are also accompanied by the sound of the surf of the sea, any negative thoughts will leave you.

The Hotel Kiss in Cervia is the optimal starting point for the start of your walks.
Special packages dedicated to groups or individual athletes with or without professional guide.
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