The Cervia Saltworks

The thousands year old Cervia Saltworks, with their production of Sweet Salt are not only a credit for our town, but the numerous national and international awards have also made possible the export of this so simple product, all over the world!
Since the year 2000, the Cervia Marine Salt is a Slow Food garrison and the ceremony of the “Rimessa del sale” (salt transport) that takes place in September is a moment of celebration for the town.
Furthermore all the area of the Saltworks has been declared a protected area for its high naturalistic and faunal value, which has become part of the Regional Park of the River Po Delta. 
Here nest during the entire year numerous species of birds among which the exciting Pink Flamingo so sought after by Bird Watchers. 
The visit to the Saltworks combines in a single route on a boat the visit to the Butterfly House where a tropical environment has been recreated, in which hundreds of bright butterflies will amaze you with their colours and sizes.

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